Visualize Kineticards in 3D space with this free Snapchat lens


We created a fun new Snapchat lens that lets you play around with Kineticards right in front of your eyes, in your own physical environment — try it out now!

« « « Start by opening your Snapchat app and take a photo of this image.

Once you see the filter, make sure to TAP on the card for sound. You can move it all around and enlarge it too.

Then, record a video and share it with all your friends!! (If you post a video to your Story, everyone on your friends list will be able to view and download the filter by swiping up on the Story post. Yay!)

Happy Snapping, y'all.

Update: Kineticards overload.

(AKA: our fans are amazing) Clearly, we have an incredible community of friends who are extremely creative, a whole lot of fun, and didn't question us when we sent them a random download link with no context whatsoever. Phew! Here's an assortment of ways users interacted with the Snap Lens in their own environments — which one is your favorite?

A special thank you to Caroline Cook for building the lens for us.