full collection of 50+ cards debuting in January 2019 — stay tuned!

About Us

We're giving snail mail the makeover it deserves.

Introducing Kineticards

Messages that move; memories that last.

Using eye-catching augmented reality technology, Kineticards work with a free AR app that reveals hidden animations behind every design, making special moments even more memorable by adding magic to the messages you share. Say goodbye to throw-away greeting cards and eCards lost in Spam filters; Kineticards are tangible gifts that create unforgettable feelings, and they're worth a million words — plus however many more you choose to write inside. The future is here, bringing modern technology into classic written communication, and it's waiting to be explored.


Personal connections with more personality than ever.


Modern day interactivity embedded in timeless print designs.


Handcrafted with love, from sketchbook to store.


Cards for all occasions; special stories to be shared.