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Bring your vision to life — with Kineticards.

We're here to help make your special occasion that much more special — by adding an extra layer of excitement and memorability to your invitations, announcements, promotional materials, leave-behinds, or whatever else you can think of. And you'll be involved with every step along the way, because it's our goal to bring your vision to life. 

1. Strategize

We'll begin by assessing the situation and adapting to your individual needs. Whether you already have a design ready to go, or nothing more than a small spark of an idea, we want to help guide you from that point to a finished product you'll be proud of. We'll tackle areas like purpose, tone, and target audience to settle on a final concept.

2. Design

Once we have a solid plan, we'll enter into design phase. Designing has multiple parts: illustrating the image, applying it onto the print layout, setting up the digital file for animation, and then animating the video as well as adding sound. Each one of these steps is handled with special attention and care.

3. Deliver

Finally, we'll print your custom product, inspect it for the level of perfection we require, add a little extra love, and send it your way! At the same time, we'll flip the magic switch in our secret lab so your design will come to life within the Kineticards app. The rest is in your hands — make sure to show it off to everyone once you receive the special package!


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