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+ Is this real life?

Yes, yes it is. Well — augmented real life. No need to pinch yourself.

+ What the heck is "augmented reality"?

Great question! Augmented reality (AR) involves a digital enhancement of the physical world. It's when you use a device (like a phone, tablet, or webcam) to look at your environment and see computer-generated things that aren't really there. You're probably already using AR in your everyday life, even if you don't know what to call it yet. All those silly camera filters that add dog ears to your face or a dancing hot dog on the ground — that's augmented reality.

+ How do Kineticards work?

Every design has a hidden animated story waiting to be told through the free Kineticards app. Begin by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, and following the directions on screen. Simply point your device at the printed card surface and watch it come to life! Kineticards use augmented reality technology to blend the physical and digital worlds.

+ Where can I download the Kineticards app?

Either search for "Kineticards" in the App Store or Google Play, or use this page with download links for different devices.

+ What comes in the package when I buy a Kineticard?

Every purchased card comes included with a colorful envelope (6 1/2 x 3 5/8 in) and wrapped in clear packaging.* Envelope color may vary. User instructions for downloading the app and scanning the card are printed on the back side of the envelope as well as the back side of the card itself. Packaged cards are shipped through USPS in rigid cardboard mailers.

*If you select "Sign & Send" shipping at checkout, your card will be removed from its outer clear packaging and shipped directly in its envelope. See below for more details.

+ Can I send a card directly to someone else?

Yes! That's exactly what our "Sign & Send" feature is for. See below for more information.

+ What is "Sign & Send" shipping?

Sign & Send is the ideal option for mailing a single card directly to someone else. Rather than waiting for your package to arrive so you can write inside and re-send it out to the correct recipient, allow us to take care of everything for you!

At checkout, start by choosing the "Sign & Send" shipping option, and make sure to fill out the recipient's address instead of yours. Next, under the Personalization field, type out your unique message and we'll handwrite it on the inside of the card. BONUS: we use a special brush calligraphy pen that'll make your words look like a work of art (click here to see us writing in action). Afterwards, your card will be placed in its matching envelope, sealed shut, addressed, stamped, and delivered with USPS. Gotta love regular ol' snail mail.

This feature is available for just $5 per card, including shipping fees and professional calligraphy service — whatta steal!

PLEASE NOTE: with Sign & Send shipping, your mail will not have a trackable shipping ID, and there is no guaranteed delivery date through standard mail services. If the card gets lost in the mail, or takes too long to arrive, it is not Kineticards' responsibility.

+ What return address appears on the envelope if I select "Sign & Send" shipping?

All mail is shipped from our Kineticards studio currently based in Savannah, GA. However, with Sign & Send shipping, we'll write our business's permanent location as the return address: 966 E. Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square, PA 19348. That way, we can ensure that we'll always know if the envelope happens to get returned. If so, we'll notify you right away.

+ Why are Kineticards shaped so funny?

They're designed at screen ratio (9:16) for optimal viewing through the Kineticards app. Plus, we wanted to stand out because our cards are so much more special than all the others. :)

+ How can I get Kineticards in my store?

Yay! Your customers will love Kineticards.  Fill out our wholesale request form and we'll get back to you shortly.

+ How can I get my own work onto the Kineticards app?

If you are an artist with existing work, and you'd like to use our platform to host your designs — sweet! We'd love to talk more. Please contact us to discuss a licensing agreement.

If you are interested in joining the Kineticards team as a designer/animator on new designs — also sweet! We're always looking to add talented members to our crew. Please start by saying hello at chrissy@kineticards.com and include a link to your portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you!

+ Can I request a custom Kineticards design for my upcoming event?

Yes! Whether it's an invitation, announcement, thank you card, or anything else — we would LOVE to work with you to bring your idea to life. We'll work closely together to come up with a printed design and animated video that are entirely unique to you, and we'll make sure that your satisfaction is our highest priority. Let us take care of the AR magic while you sit back and have an incredible event! Contact chrissy@kineticards.com to get the conversation started.