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Kineticards In The News


SCAD grad brings greeting cards to life with augmented reality

"Chrissy Eckman has merged print and the high-tech world of augmented reality for a line of stationery, including greeting cards." Read More



Kineticards Brings Augmented Reality To Greeting Cards

"With Kineticards, costumers get a traditional greeting card with the details they want along with a lively and innovative animation complete with sound that is viewable in AR. Read More



Kineticards: materialize personal relationships with greeting cards... and augmented reality!

"Cards encourage people to think about their loved ones and take the time to write messages from their hearts that can be held onto and cherished forever." Read More

[title translated from French]



Kineticards Turn Greeting Cards into an Experience

"Kineticards allows senders to keep the fun, animated and musical aspect of eCards, while also keeping the sincerity of sending a personalized physical card." Read More



Kineticards: Personal connections with more personality than ever

"Kineticards are augmented reality greeting cards that bridge the gap between physical, personal communication and fun, interactive technology. Each card has a unique, hidden story to tell that is revealed through a free AR app, making special occasions even more memorable by bringing magic back to card giving." Read More



Analog greetings with digital extra

"Letter writing has come a little out of fashion. Actually, I do not know anybody who does not enjoy a handwritten greeting. If you are looking for a nicely illustrated map, you should definitely look at the designs of Kineticards. You can scan them and make them live with them." Read More

[translated from German]



Kineticards adds an AR twist to traditional greeting cards

"The company was founded by Chrissy Eckman, a motion media and graphic design alumna who graduated in June 2017. The concept was part of her senior capstone in which she played with the idea of combining the tangibility of a physical greeting card with the interactive experience of an e-card." Read More



Kineticards are a More Sentimental Alternative to AR Cards

"The cards are tangible, yet infused with the latest technology, making for an entertaining and sentimental alternative that adds a deeper level of connection to augmented reality experiences." Read More



These Greeting Cards Are Cheap Gateways To AR Technology

"They’re simple, engaging, affordable, and, most importantly, bring humanity into the technology." Read More



    these AR greeting cards are more meaningful (and affordable) than plain, old boring ones

    "from baby gender reveals — oh baby! — to boozy bridesmaid proposals, kineticards hold secret messages that move, groove, fizz and exude happiness. but AR is only half of the secret to kineticards’ successful designs." Read More



    AR Meets Greeting Card

    " is a simple and straightforward way to revamp greeting cards, and make them more interactive and personalized." Read More



    Kineticards: the greeting cards that come to life with augmented reality

    "If you are one of those who have to pretend on each birthday that he likes that greeting card you open and it sounds strange, quiet music, all that is about to end." Read More 

    [translated from Spanish]


    FROG x3

    Kineticards, card designs that interact with augmented reality

    "Chrissy Eckman, is a designer who has sought to revolutionize the market of traditional greeting cards that seek to commemorate a fact, decision or event." Read More

    [translated from Spanish]



    "Kineticards | AR Greeting Cards" to make the opponent received with a moving AR greeting card exciting

    Read More on 

    [translated from Japanese]

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